Scientific computing

One of our incentives of switching to R was that it is also very suitable for scientific computing. However, as R’s focus is on statistics, we had to implement some of R’s functionality in this field.

  • Several of our packages provide numerical methods for solving differential equations: deSolve, bvpSolve, rootSolve, deTestSet, ReacTran. You will find interactive examples that use (some of) these packages in the modelling section and in the teaching section.
  • Other packages such as limSolve or LIM were created to solve linear inverse models, others calculate descriptive indices on their outputs (NetIndices). Food web models, but also flux balance analysis problems can be solved and analysed with these packages. An interactive tool to visualise our food web models is found here.
  • The R-package rootSolve provides functions for solving non-linear equations.