It is tradition in Oceanography to put monitoring data into large relational databases. This is a safe way to archive data in a consistent way, but it requires a lot of work to extract the data from these database and visualise them.

We now store our data, and made data publically available in Rdata files, and we write web-based applications, using the shiny R-package and the package OceanView, to visualise their content.

Here you will find some simplified versions of our web applications. They comprise:

  • Water quality data from the NIOZ-Yerseke monthly monitoring of the Westerschelde (SW Netherlands).
  • Phytoplankton species composition from the Oosterschelde (SW Netherlands), data from Rijkswaterstaat (RWS).
  • The water quality data from Rijkswaterstaat for the Wadden Sea (N Netherlands), data downloadable from the RWS website.
  • Macrobenthos monitoring data gathered by the NIOZ-Yerseke Monitoring task force, from the Westerschelde.